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Talking SaaS With Garrett Dimon

This week Ben interviews Garrett Dimon to talk about some of his exciting new projects. They also cover alternatives to the SaaS business model, such as self-hosted licensing options, to make vacations more relaxing for founders if something goes wrong.

Tales From The Good/Bad Old Days Of Freelance Gigs

This week The Founders take a trip down freelancer memory lane and talk about the hot apps they built and which of them are still alive. They also cover NFTs, pivoting to private equity, and candy bar servers. Also, is "spider season" an official season in the Pacific Northwest?!?!? Click to listen now on the interwebs.

Hook Relay Launched! Was it Fireworks or Crickets?

This week the Founders recap the initial Hook Relay launch and cover things they learned along the way. Also discussed is if developers will struggle to find purpose if products like Hook Relay make their lives too easy. Lastly, do you remember the days of converting PSDs to HTML? Tune in and prepare for launch!

The Internet Broke; Why There's No Episode This Week

There's no episode of FounderQuest this week. However, if you want to hear WHY there's no episode, Ben takes some time out of fighting fires to explain in 34 seconds.

Everyone Says It’s a Bad Idea; Should You Do It Anyway?

It's a special edition episode this week as Ben chats with Felix Livni of Schedulista to talk startups. There are plenty of hot takes to go around such as ignoring good advice when starting a business, how boostrappers should do the exact opposite things that a venture funded company does, and why you may consider direct mail for a SaaS business. Grab your pitchforks and tune in!

Our Outbound Sales Autopsy

This week The Founders talk about integrations and the fact they're spending more and more time updating Honeybadger because of partners' app changes. They also conduct an autopsy on the outbound sales initiative, discuss creating a fictional employee for customers to focus their ire, and decide whether to tweak Hook Relay's site or just ship it!

There Ain't No Business Like No Business

It's a business-free episode of FounderQuest! The hosts immediately veer off topic and never recover! It's all e-bikes, helmets, laser engravers, oiling paper shredders, recycling scams, crypto, pogs, and other miscellanea. Plus, last week's cliffhanger is answered...did Starr buy the printing press?

Hook Relay Is Livin' That FULL Duplex Lyfe!

This week on FounderQuest, the hosts go over some features of Hook Relay, share some research on broadcast email solutions, and discuss operational security tips for compliance (get a guard dog). Plus, Goatse is remembered as the original Rick Roll (NSW - Do NOT Google it).

Our Ops Are Smooth Like A Jar Of Skippy

On this week's episode Ben talks about rolling over Honeybadger's main Redis cluster and timing his MacBook upgrade. Josh provides updates on upgrading the Java package with Docker and his secret method to bootstrapping a new machine. Plus Starr runs the revenue numbers and shares why she is buying a printing press!

Live From The Indie Hackers' Backstage

We're back! The Founders recap their respective Hot Vax Summers. They also provide some updates on automating the SOC 2 process, their outbound sales efforts, and the blog. Also, what if you could trade-up your small business to a larger one, similar to trading up from a starter home? Listen hungry, there's lots of food for thought!

FounderQuest Summer Break Annoucement

This is just a quick announcement to tell you that FounderQuest is taking a summer break so the hosts can work on their tans while dreaming up new hot takes for the future episodes. If you want to hear this same message in audio form, go ahead and give it a listen!

Does Thinking Still Count As Working?

It's a fireside chat episode this week as Josh and Ben hold down the fort on FounderQuest. They contrast the challenges of bootstrapping a smaller company vs. hiring a team to do much of the heavy lifting for you. They also talk about physical fitness, joining a PTSA, and living their best fully-vaccinated lives.

Will Working Together Ruin Our Anarchist Workflow?

This week The Founders talk about the possibility of working more closely together and if it'll ruin the company's current approach to project management, anarchy. If that's not enough, Ben talks about streamlining SOC 2 auditing, Josh talks about updating Hook Relay's marketing, and Starr reviews Twist, our potential Basecamp replacement.

Understanding Bitcoin From a Developer's Perspective

This week, Josh and Ben talk crypto with Mike Mondragon! They cover the technology rather than the hype behind Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and NFTs. Yep, crypto on FounderQuest, pigs are flying! Don't miss creating Commit Coin to make NFTs out of merged PRs and Mike gives away some solid crypto business plans. Also, did someone say Honeybadger was acquiring Heroku?

Kicking The Tires On Basecamp Alternatives

This week The Founders check out some Basecamp alternatives for funsies just to see what's out there (or if they should just build one). They also discuss yak shaving and Josh's new ASCII yak for Honeybadger's Slackbot. Lastly, take a trip down memory lane as Ben and Starr discuss sweet tea and other Southern goodness. Kick up yer heels and listen up ya'll!

Rails Goes Off The Rails!

This week The Founders talk about the Basecamp drama and break down how it may impact companies using Rails. They also discuss customer support for developers and Gen Z's emoji game leaving Millennials and X's for dead. Check it out! ;-p (I've still got it!)

SaaS Life Isn't All Sunshine And Rainbows

This week The Founders get real and talk about whether it's better to ship something with known issues and deal with support requests or hold off and keep banging your head against the wall trying to get it to 100%. They also discuss vaccines, the (un)official release of React Native support, and Lego space shuttles!

How To Improve Survey Response Rates With Extortion

This week The Founders talk about the recent Ubiquity hack and subsequent denial. They also talk about difficulties in obtaining customer feedback and possible schemes to increase the response rates. Would it help to personalize emails with recipients' social security numbers in the subject lines? Listen now to hear the debate!

Are We Starting A Text Editor Holy War?

This week The Founders discuss topics for inciting a developer holy war, getting listed on AppSumo's marketplace, and what the general consensus is on microservices. They also brainstorm direct mail marketing campaigns and shipping Honeybadger in a box with a serial number just like old times!

Monetizing Free Users And Recapping MicroConf

This week The Founders talk about free users and discuss some possible ways to try and monetize them. They also talk about MicroConf's virtual conference this year and get misty-eyed about it leaving Las Vegas. Also, why didn't Second Life have a second life during the pandemic? Tune in to listen to some theories!

Tracking The Elusive SaaS Sales Funnel

This week The Founders talk efforts to better track Honeybadger's sales funnel, the satisfaction of a cleaned-up to-do list, and Starr reveals last episode's mystery vendor. They also debate whether to print, bind, and mail the future Honeybadger Intelligence Report or keep it digital.

Do Developers Actually Pay Money For Things?

On this week's FounderQuest, the hosts talk buying electric motorcycles, Sidekiq-Cron saving the day, fintech, and wade into the debate of whether developers actually pay for any of the products they use. Want more? How about Starr dropping some knowledge with another of her patented lyfe hacks? (Hint, it rhymes with TextExpander) You're welcome!

Is It Better To Be At Amazon's Mercy Or Your Own?

This week The Founders talk about relying on Amazon for their technology stack and what happens when problems arise. They also provide updates on existing post-Postgres and extol the virtues of documentation when outsourcing.

When Is The Convenience Of Outsourcing Not Worth The Price?

On this special bonus episode, The Founders talk about whether to keep their swag fulfillment or look for other options after a recent steep price increase. They also provide an update on the contractor machine and also discuss some of the personality traits needed to successfully delegate projects. Listen now, or have someone listen for you!

Talking Startups And Pricing Strategies With John Nunemaker

Special guest John Nunemaker is in the house...err...Zoom! He chats with The Founders about Flipper Cloud and strategies around its launch as well as tales from companies' past. They also discuss decisions around pricing a SaaS product and killer cardinality.

All Your Contractors Are Belong To Us!

This week The Founders give an update on their new contractor system and how to nurture an "I don't care" work culture. Plus don't miss Beavis and Butthead memories, Heroku integration speed bumps, and chopping chonky trees!

What Is The Lowest Maintenance Website Imaginable?

This week The Founders talk about maintaining simple websites from the stone age, hiring contractors with Upwork, and Heya being 100% opensource. They also put Netlify on notice; if things don't improve, Badgerfy is becoming a reality!

Is Our Business Model A Hedge On The Internet?

This week The Founders talk GameStop stock, Elasticsearch clusters, Honeybadger's hedge position on the internet, and creating their own contractor pool to outsource small projects. Can you handle it? Listen and find out!

The Bootstrapper's Guide to the Ninja Launch

This week The Founders explain the difference between a ninja launch for bootstrappers vs. the more traditional stealth launch. They also reveal what programming languages they would learn if Honeybadger went away and they had to get real developer jobs! Plus, AWS vs. Elastic, who's right?

Bitcoin And Honeybadger's Bold Product Roadmap

This week Josh, Ben, and Starr break tradition and go public with Honeybadger's product roadmap. They also reveal a foolproof plan to monetize locked Bitcoin wallets and predict the future of crypto, Bytecoin!

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