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MicroConf 2019 Recap, Confronting Ageism In Tech, And Badgercon 2020

The guys dish about their experiences at MicroConf. Ben talks about entrepreneurial ADD, Josh explains why the "good old days" at Honeybadger are now, and Starr challenges younger developers to a coding battle royale. There is also a preview of Badgercon (pending wildlife insurance procurement).

!@#$ Dependencies! Learn How We Are Fighting Our Abandonware Problem.

We originally sat down to discuss distractions and Yak Shaving. What emerged was more like group therapy for a team struggling to cope with a spate of JS dependency upgrades. We also discuss purchasing an ice cream truck. Buckle up!

Personal Productivity - Dealing With Distractions While Getting Sh!t Done

Faced with a punishing week of distractions, the crew discusses their own techniques for remaining personally productive.

Technical Debt - Our Approach to Building Cool Tech Profitably

"Suits" vs "hackers" is a trope as old as tech itself. Suits want to make money and cut costs. Hackers want to build cool things the right way. What if you're both the suit *and* the hacker? How do you balance business vs engineering needs and adopt a sane strategy towards technical debt in a small company? This is the subject of today's episode.

Turning Points

Looking at the major events in our lives, we can often trace them back to turning points -- decisions big and small that had outsized effects. In this episode the dudes reflect on some of their major decisions, good and bad.


The guys discuss their first full-time technical hire, and the secrets they discovered for attracting high-quality job applicants when you can't compete with the likes of FANG on salary.


In their first episode, Starr, Josh and Ben talk about the company hack-week where they built a small proof-of-concept product with Elixir and Phoenix.

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